Monday, June 27, 2005

Mondays Are My Favorite Day!

Monday mornings always seem to be a good day for getting alot of things done. I used to always hate Sundays, because I knew Monday was right around the corner. But it's different when you work at home. Now I can just take my time, if I choose. Or I can grab a cup of coffee and get to work - which is what I usually do.

Actually, when I wake up in the morning, the first sound I hear is the birds singing. They sing loud and sound so happy, as they start their day. They do the same in the evening, before going to sleep. I can't tell you the last time I turned on a radio or cd player, as every time I do, I think to myself that the birds just sound better.

The funny thing is that yesterday, my best friend and her spouse were here in the morning for a cook out. She told us that her ex-husband hated the sound of the birds singing. He wanted to wear ear plugs so they wouldn't wake him up in the morning! Can you believe that? As I am writing this, I think "yes, I do believe that." As my mother in law, not so long ago told us, how she liked looking out her window and seeing all the houses and traffic. She also said that she hated trees!!!! Can you imagine that? So there must be many other people who hate birds and trees and other things from the natural world. What do you think?

I can look out any window in my home and all I see are trees.....big trees and lots of them. We had to clear our land for our horses and even for our lawn. The forest came right up to the back of our house. At first we were a little nervous about the wild animals that might be out there. But they are nothing compared to those wild animals that live in the towns and cities!

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