Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Friend, Terrianne Jones

I am pretty excited by the fact that my best friend and her spouse are going to be purchasing a house not too far from me. She is my oldest friend. Now, I don't mean that she is around 100 or so. Actually, she is a few months younger than me. What I mean, is, that she is the person I have had as a friend longer than anyone. And the kicker is - that she became my friend because she started going out with my brother in the 70s! That is surprising, because usually his girlfriends or wives are history after they break up. But my friend was different. For one thing, my mother always loved her as if she were her daughter. I always felt like she was my true sister. She has always been there for me.

The house isn't just up the road. When you live in the country, you expect to drive a bit to get to a neighbor's or to a friend's. I guess I am pleased as I found this house on the for sale by owner web site. We looked for over four years to find our house. I think that houses in the country are getting hard to find. More people want to leave the cities and live out in the country, so that property becomes hard to get and can become very pricey.

I get a few homesteading magazines by subscription, and the one thing I always notice ,is how people will put ads in these magazines for "homesteading properties", and put a hefty price tag on it as well. As if, since these type of properties are hard to find, a wannabe homesteader would pay anything for one! No way! Homesteaders are very frugal and are going to be looking for a bargain and don't mind a "fixer upper" or even raw land. Now maybe "horse people" would be another story! They will often pay big bucks for the comfort of their horses. As long as it has a good barn, fences and pasture, they aren't that concerned about the house.

Have a good day and I will be back tomorrow! 

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