Thursday, July 07, 2005

Building Our Barn

Today, I have alot of things going on. One of the things I am very excited about is that we are swapping our old truck for metal roofing for our barn. My husband has been building our barn, little by little as we could afford it. Building supplies are pretty expensive these days. Our three horses have been so patient. But they badly need the barn, as they need to be inside during the cold weather. Thoroughbreds don't do so well out in the windy cold weather we get around here. They do have a three sided building, we call the lean to. And they use that. But the barn is what they are all waiting for.

The barn is completed as far as the sides go, using rough cut wood from the local sawmill. The front is logs. And the upstairs floor and framing is up. But we need the roof! So with this trade, we are getting used metal roofing that came from a octagen barn and is in good condition. We are going to look at it today. Plus we will be getting rid of our old truck that we didn't want around here anyway.

Last night, my stepson brought his dog over to let him stay for a couple of days. He said, so that he could get some exercise out in the country. But after he left, we found out the real reason was because he is infested with fleas. I think he probably thought we wouldn't know as we have animals and they probably have fleas too. But our animals have not had any fleas since we have lived here. We have bare floors and fleas have no where to hide.

Our dog, Nikita has very long hair and I just dread to think of her getting infested too. I think that cats don't get dog fleas and I'm hoping I'm not wrong on that. As my Siamese cat, Nutmeg is 16 years old and suffers with Hypothyroidism and could be susceptible to them. Why would someone do this to us? Thinking that we would not know that he brought the fleas into our house? His dog is a good dog and I don't blame him. It's not his fault. It's his owner's fault. I think, people think, if you have some animals and you live in the country, you must naturally have a flea problem too. Well, I think the people that live in cities, towns or even neighborhoods in the country where the homes are close together are the ones with the flea problems. They infest the ground too.

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