Friday, July 22, 2005

Selling On eBay

People seem to be so interested in the fact that I sell on ebay and in fact, have my own store on ebay. I am surprised that not many people, I know, sell on eBay. Many people are buyers, but everybody says that they don't know how to sell there. Yet, ebay makes it so easy. I started by having my girlfriend sell a menu I had from Windows On The World Restaurant, which was the restaurant at the top of The World Trade Center. I used to go there with my first husband and for some reason, I saved my menu and it was signed by the Captain. So my friend sold it on ebay for $90. - not bad for something I had setting in a trunk. Now someone who really wanted it, had it, and I had some cash.

The store fees are not that bad, when you think you are running a store that has a world wide market. Where else could you sign up for a store and open it the same day? And maybe even have a sale that same day? By using Paypal, I even can take credit cards or e-checks! Don't have to have a merchant account for that. I love it!

My husband says "it's like a paycheck every day." Well, not always. There will be days with no sales and then all of a sudden, I'll get four or five right together. The stuff I have been selling, so far is just things I already have in my house. When that is all gone, I plan on going to garage sales, thrift shops, etc. to get more items. You kind of discover what sells as you do it. Sometimes a certain item is hot for a while, then it dies down.

Whatever you do, do not buy a book on how to make lots of money on ebay! Just go to the Discussion Boards on ebay and lurk around for a while. If you have questions, that is where to get the answers! I have learned most everything I know from the knowledgable sellers on the Stores Boards. And I might add, they are also the nicest. Some of the boards treat you like a escaped convict!

Talk to you tomorrow.

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