Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Horses Eating Grass On Our Lawn Today!

One of the best things about living out here in the state forest is that you can basically do what you want without neighbors complaining. We have no neighbors, at least no full time ones. Most of the houses around us are hunting camps. And we like it that way!

This past week, we have started letting our three horses out in our yard to mow the lawn. They do a very good job. They even trim around my stone bed that I have potatoes planted in, and they don't nibble on the plants. It's pretty strange to be sitting in the house working on my laptop, and look up and see a horse looking in the window. I think they must have always wondered what we do in the house. My one horse, Georgie Girl has always paid alot of attention to the house. Even where she lived before here, I'd see her looking over the fence at their house. She is extremely smart, and is the "boss mare," so I am not surprised if she wonders about such things.

By letting them out in the yard every morning, we have been able to cut back on their feed. Now they don't get the morning ration, and don't seem to care. They just want that grass. Their paddock doesn't have any, though this year some has started growing for the first time. And we have cut way back on their hay. So it saves us alot of money just on that.

But the big savings is that we don't have to buy gas or oil for the lawnmower, or waste that time mowing, when we can be working on the computer. And we have never had good luck with a lawnmower, they always break down. Even when you buy a good one. They rarely last for a few years. So maybe we will never replace them!

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