Monday, January 09, 2006

Find the horse in this picture!

Today, I have written on two different sites about not being accepted by family and friends for doing certain things different from the norm - or what is considered norm today. On my Homesteading Today forum, we were discussing the fact, of how others treat you because you chose to live without television and other such things in your life. Like I told them. when we moved here six years ago, we had a big screen television and I felt it would be out of place in our home. For one thing, our home is off the grid, so we would not have even considered wasting our power on a big power hog such as that. Another is that the center point of our living room is a big Alaska woodstove that sits on a big hearth. I did not think the tv would belong in that room. So we gave it to my step daughter, Hollie.

But I am not saying we do not have a smaller television. We do, but what we watch on it, is video or dvd movies. And not that often. It's more of a treat. And it is upstairs in our bedroom, so it's not just sitting there waiting for someone to turn it on. But you go to other people's houses and they have them on all the time. They never turn them off unless they go somewhere. Even when they have visitors they sit and watch it. Watching television is boring to me. I'd rather be on my computer doing something constructive with my time.

My husband's family, especially puts us down for living this lifestyle. And not only because we want to be homesteaders and raise our own food, but also, because I am an online retailer. They just don't take it seriously. It's not a real job to them and it's like having a hobby or something. I realize it is because they do not know the first thing about computers. They like to brag that they do not even know how to turn one on! Like that is something to brag about!!!! I figure they will all be left behind.

My question is this, why do people feel that they have the right to say derogatory things about someone else's lifestyle? And when their lifestyle leaves much to be desired? I mean, it's not like we are breaking the law or anything. I have a legal business lisence and file my sales tax every three or four months. So I am going to start telling these people to keep their opinions to themselves. And maybe I will start telling them what's wrong with their lifestyles. They are the ones who are all stressed out and running to the doctors all the time. Not us! Maybe, that's a sign that this lifestyle is good for your health and your peace of mind.
I'll never give it up.....
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