Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shopping In Junk Shops

Here is a picture of my little red pony, Tawny! She is half Thoroughbred and half Shetland Pony. She is a character. Her mother is over 35 years old.

Today we had to take a drive to Oneonta to get our chainsaw fixed. It was a nice drive. But my favorite second hand store, P.D.'s was not open. How disappointing! I always find tons of stuff there to bring back and sell in my eBay store. They sell people's old junk mail by the bags! Who would ever think that someday somebody might want to buy your old outdated junk mail? People do! Some people collect everything they can get on a certain company or a certain type of item, like stocks, banks or something like that.

P.D.'s is well known in this area and in May they put out these big tents for the summer, and everything under those tents is dirt cheap. I love them. I found this little black metal oven with glass in the door out there. It was only $12.00, and it had been stuck in a area of things that nobody seemed to want. I knew what it was though. My grandmother used one on her kerosene stove, that she used during the hot summer months, instead of heating her kitchen up with a wood stove. So I got that oven home and cleaned it up. And what do you think I found? Why the Griswold logo, of course! But this is one of those things that I bought to use. And use it, I do. I bake all kinds of things right in my living room on my wood heating stove, like cookies, pies, baked puddings, bread, and more.

Today, we also went to our local Mennonite store. It has new owners and they were there today. I buy in bulk there quite often. Today, it wasn't too busy. But on the weekends that place is packed. I needed whipped cream mix. I stopped using the Cool Whip, that most people use, for the convenience. And started using the whipped cream mix for the taste. Much better and cheaper too.

I had my eBay packages to mail out today. So I took them to the post office in Guilford, NY, which is a quiet little town. The postal clerk there is so nice and friendly! I should go to my local post office which is in Oxford, NY, but they are not very nice there. They love to reject your packages for any little reason! One of the problems I have with them ,is that they reject my first class cd boxes as being too thin for delivery confirmation. But what I read on their website, is that would be ok as long as it is rigid. And boxes are regid! But that post office will still reject them every chance they get. So I guess, I will get some smaller sizes of bubble mailers for them.

Hope to post some items on here that I am selling. As soon as I figure out the photo posting I will do that on a regular basis. Talk to you tomorrow!

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