Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hungering For Spring

My little girl Nutmeg

My cat, Nutmeg is 16 years old. She has been with me longer than my husband. She went with us when my husband was a driving a over the road truck. We went all over the country, and she went too. Her favorite spot was on the bottom bunk, where the heat vent blew out. She loves to be as hot as possible. Her favorite spot now is on the pedestal of our big wood heating stove in the living room. Sometimes, she gets so hot, she just flops down on the floor like she was drugged. Every year, I try to get myself ready to lose her, but she makes it another year. I hope she does that again this year. This is her picture that I have posted for you to see. She was younger in this picture though.

Today was a pretty busy day for me. I have been so busy working on my eBay store that I haven't had much time for anything else. I joined a group there, called The Seller Resouce Group and they really get you motivated! So, I end up working all the time trying to improve it and make more sales. After all, I have to have sales to make money, and I have to have money to be able to live the homesteading lifestyle, now don't I?

This is the time of year that makes me just hunger for Spring. I am lucky, in that I have many birds that come to my bird feeders. I just love the Chickadees and the Blue Jays. But I am anxiously awaiting the first Robin!!! Last summer, we sat in our back yard watching a family of Robins in the tree in our yard. They were teaching the little ones how to eat and fly. We worried about our cats getting the babies. Then, one day we noticed the nest was gone and so were they. And so were all the Robins. Then it was fall...

But tonight when I was feeding our horses, I heard something squeeking. I thought the cat, Hobo had a mouse and I was yelling to her to kill it. She likes to play with them first, torture them awhile and sometimes they manage to get away. But when I got closer, I saw it was one of the birds. Not a Chickadee, but one of their friends, who hangs out with them. So I grabbed Hobo and put her in the truck till I got done with the horses. Then took her in the house for the night. She can't understand why I get mad at her for killing birds. And praise her for killing mice! How do I get through to her? Kill the mice, Save the birds!!!

I am beginning to look through my seed catalogs. I have those raised beds that I told you about in the Spring. They were great. I love them and plan on having my husband build me more of them. I need at least one, maybe two for strawberries. And I need about three for potatoes alone, and who knows how many for tomatoes. I will also have vegetables growing in pots and bare spots all over our property. And bit of ground is good for a edible plant. I have many wild fruits that grow here. But I still plan on adding some domestic ones too. I love the wild blueberries, but they are so tiny. So I plan on getting a pretty good supply of bushes. And grapes. We have wild grapes all over the state forest land where we live. But I want a variety. I try to grow as much as I can, and can or dry it for the winter.

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