Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Living The Good Life??????

Living the good life. It is not what it seems. To most people who are into homesteading they think you have to raise livestock and a majority think you have to kill them and eat them. But that is not the way I see it. Nor would I ever consider that as an option. Scott and Helen Nearing, thought of as the leaders of the homesteading or back to the land movement did not raise any animals at all. They were able to leave their homestead during the winter months and travel in Europe with no regard to livestock or animals on the homestead.

They raised in their gardens the foods that they consumed. No animals. No meat. I can live without meat for the most part. A good steak or roast beef once a month would be enough for me. So I am trying to plan a menu of meatless meals that we really like. It is much healthier anyway and you can not be sure of what is in most of the meat we puchase in the stores now.

So if you grow most of your food and only buy the supplies that you just can't grow, that saves you a bunch of money right there. Then the next thing is to can or preserve all your food that you harvest so you will have it through out the winter. I like to make mixes for things like cakes, biscuits, cocoa, salad dressings, puddings, etc. to have on hand for when you want something quick. That way you aren't buying them in the store or using products that are questionable.

I am also weeding out my dishes, utensils and cookware to only have the things I absolutely need and use. The Nearings had only one bowl, one cup and a set of silverware each. They both cleaned their own dishes. Kept it very simple. One person was not stuck washing dishes or cleaning up after the other one all night. I really like that idea alot!
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