Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Refrigeration Is No Problem!

Yesterday I bought 30 pounds of ground Angus fine beef and canned half of it yesterday and will do the rest this morning. I have been canning all our meat. We do not presently have refrigeration so this is the only way I can keep meat, fast foods and vegetables. I have been doing this for two years now and like it so much that even after I get our solar refrigeration I will continue. When you have meat frozen it does not have the flavor my canned meat has. I think after a period of time the flavor improves so much. Kind of like the fact that leftovers always taste better the next day. 

I can as much food as I possibly can. From my garden, my forest and even from the store. I do pretty good as we use it all up through the winter. This summer I am planning on canning like crazy. I will be buying as much as I can from local farmers, farmers' markets and even the grocery store before my garden starts producing. Living in New York state, my garden does not produce the foods I can till later in the summer. I am also going to be dehydrating berries, squash and broccoli this year. 

 When I can my meats I always can all the broth and juices too. So if I finish with the meat and there is any broth or juice left, I mix it together. Then reheat it and can that too. When I need broth for soups, stews or gravies I can use my own which is so much better than anything store bought. 

To save money I am cutting out even more processed foods and making my own. I had already cut out most of them but had a few left. Now I am going to be working on eliminating them also. Buy your own ingredients and mix them up in your kitchen. Give your family good substance that is made with love and caring hands and heart. The manufacturers do not know you or your family. They don't care about what their additives and chemicals do to you. They just want to make you buy it. 

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