Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Time Garden Planning

As I am planning my garden this year I am struck by how many people do not take the time to do this themselves. People will always comment to me about how great it is that I garden but they don't do it themselves. It makes no sense to me why all people do not do this. Once you have put it in, it does not take that much time. You can mulch it so the weeds won't be a big problem. The food is so much better grown in your own garden.

Look at what a head of lettuce cost in the grocery store or even a local farmer's market. Many people are getting premium prices at the farmer's markets and farm stands due to the fact that the food is fresh and mostly organic. Some can't be labeled organic due to government regulations but it is organic just the same. You can grow that food yourself. Instead of paying those prices, use that money to pay for the seeds and some hand tools. Find a local horse owner to buy some rich compost from. There you go!

I use raised beds that my husband built of out of boards and then we have some we built out of rocks and one with cinder blocks. The cinder block ones are really easy to do. Another way to build a raised bed super easy is to buy the bags of soil at WalMart or Lowes or wherever. Lay it on it's side so it is flat on the ground. Then cut a big square on the bag almost to the ends, but not quite, leave some room there. Plant your seeds or plants in it just like that. It is like a little raised bed. You can have it on your porch or deck or in the yard. Very simple.

The idea is to plant wherever you can. Who needs those big lawns? I laugh at those people......complaining about the price of food, or about how the food in the stores is so full of bad stuff or horrible tasting (Why can't you get a decent cucumber or tomato in a grocery store is beyond me! I quit buying tomatoes in stores long ago.). Containers are also another good idea. I use a few containers too. I put them around my yard or on my deck too. Lettuce is something I grow a lot of. Salad vegetables.

Since I follow a low carb food plan, I make sure to grow lots of low carb foods. I also have many berries growing here and they are a low carb fruit. It does not take much money to get started. Just a piece of dirt or a few pots of dirt and some seeds. I do not use a rototiller as we feel it is not good for our dirt or the air. Bad enough that my husband uses a chainsaw, though soon he is planning on upgrading to a crosscut saw for our firewood.

So pick up a few packets of seeds next time you are out. Buy dirt if you have to or find some in your yard. If you have a chemical put on your lawn....STOP doing that! Just think of your lawn as future food. You can grow a lot of food out there and save so much money if you learn to preserve it for winter. If you have children it is so good for them to learn the skill of gardening. Times are getting worse and worse.......the days of gardening can save your family's life, now............and in the future.

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