Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Time Is Our New Year

 Foggy Spring Morning at Peaceful Forest

We have had a few of these foggy mornings here. I like them. It is cool and crisp in the morning when you go outside and I have always loved the fog. I do not like to drive in it but going out to the barn in the morning it has a mystic look. My little girls didn't seem to mind it much either.

First Two Robins to come home!

The day our first Robins arrived home made our day! We love these birds so much. With the arrival of them back from their trip south means the arrival of spring and a new year of growth and life for us as well. I always feel new year's day should be the day they come home. Their arrival changes the whole structure of our forest and yard. All the other birds such as the Blue Jays, Chickadees and Nuthatches seem to go back into the forest to live for the summer as the robins, the Red Winged Blackbirds, the Cowbirds all seem to take center stage in our yard and around our garden. The Woodpecker comes and goes, appearing on my deck many times through out the day.

When we first moved here the forest came right up the house. We had to cut back and cut back until we have what is now a good sized yard and many raised beds. Now I am planning on putting in a flower bed along the front. As for the birds, we seem to have made this more inviting to them. There were not that many here when we first moved in. There were many Yellow Finches but my cats have killed them and I don't see that many here anymore. I have always owned cats but am thinking when these little girls go to cat heaven I will not be replacing them. I have come to love my wild birds and would like them to feel safe when they come to our house. As it is now, Hobo, my littlest cat is a good hunter and she loves to catch the birds. She knows now that I do not want her to do this but it does not stop her unless she sees me outside.

Cooking pork ribs over the fire!

One of my favorite ways to cook during the warm weather is outside on our camp fire. I can leave food on there all day and let it cook slowly as long as you raise it up from the fire. Too close and it'll burn. I guess cooking on a wood cook stove keeps me in practice of cooking on fire. Some of my best meals have been cooked over the camp fire. I usually cook from scratch and prepare everything in the kitchen and then take it outside to the camp fire. I have been rushed at times to make something quick though. One time I needed a dish to serve to company and ran to the store and bought 4 cans of Bush's Baked Beans and a package of bacon. I put the beans in my cast iron Dutch oven and put bacon slices over the top. Let it sit right down in the coals. Mmmmmm! Was that ever good! Tasted homemade. My father-in-law could not stop eating them!  Sometimes you can make something quickly like that taste homemade if you simmer it slowly over your fire. Even on the wood stoves. 

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