Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Moving Our Solar Panels To The Barn Roof

When my husband decided it was time to move the solar panels to our barn roof my stomach had that sickening feeling. You know the feeling you have when you  have to do something you dread? Like going to the dentist or having a test? I dreaded him doing this job as I knew he would be doing it alone. Carrying five solar panels up a ladder and onto a barn roof that is pretty high by himself. I dreaded it. Well, he did it yesterday. All but the last panel is on the barn roof now. Today is overcast and now raining so I think he can't finish this job today. I guess I should have known he'd do okay since he built this barn by himself. And that included putting the roof on by himself.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for doing this work.  And I am glad to have them moved. The reason is that we have tracked the sun hitting the barn roof the most of any area of our homestead. We have sun there all year long for the longest part of the day. Unless it is raining or cloudy the sun is hitting that roof. Living in New York means we need to best utilize our sunshine when we get it. New York residents need to have twice the amount of solar panels as other states. Since we have added two new panels to our array and have now moved them onto the barn, we should see an increase in our power.

I am looking forward to getting our solar refrigeration. And once our water system is in place and working, then our washing machine will be usable. I have done without these appliances, but that does not mean I do not want them.....I do! So this is one more step toward our total self-sufficiency. Independence on our own energy system. In the future we will add more panels, more conveniences and be even more independent. I am hoping at some point we can add an electric vehicle to our homestead. Generating our own power from the sun for transportation would be nice indeed!

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