Monday, May 31, 2010

Trimming Our Huge Cherry Tree

Our beautiful shade tree in our backyard

Today I went outside to hang laundry and the cherry tree near the clothes line was shedding millions of blossoms. They were all over everything and getting on the laundry. Well when the clothes are wet those little blossoms stick to them. Needless to say I didn't like this situation. So I mentioned to my husband that I wish he could trim those branches. The branches were spreading right out over the line toward the ground. This tree is huge so there was no way it would miss a branch or two. Next thing I knew........hubby is out there with  the ladder and his chainsaw.

He went up there on the ladder and started cutting it. Wouldn't you know it? The bar of the saw got caught in the groove and was pinched by the branch. He could not move it! Now this is something that happens every now and then when you are cutting wood. But being up in the tree, pretty high up, he could not jack up the branch as he would have done if he was working on the ground. 

Saw gets stuck in the tree!

So he had to figure out what to do so the saw wouldn't fall to the ground when he gets it free. My son came up with the idea of tying the saw with a rope to another branch. Then if it comes free it will just dangle on the rope but not hit the ground. Our saw is new and we did not want to lose it so soon. It is a smaller saw then the one my husband usually uses so that might be a good thing in this instance. 

Then hubby put four bales of hay under the tree just in case it did fall to the ground. But once it was tied by the rope we weren't really too concerned with that happening. My son took a hold of the end of the branch and kept pulling on it..............then we heard a big................C - R - A - C - K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That did it! The branch came down! But the saw stayed dangling from the rope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh, that was what we wanted to happen.

Jeffrey getting ready to push the branch off the saw's bar

Taking down the other branch was no problem at all. That one came down quickly. He then cut a branch of our antique apple tree that has been leaning down toward the ground for years now. It worried me that one day the whole tree would just fall over due to uneven balance. Now our yard looks so different! I like it. It still has lots of shade but now more sunlight can get in there too. 

Branch is down and saw is out!

As you can see in this picture the saw is dangling from the rope. It saved our saw. Now I can hang my laundry without worrying about the blossoms all over the clothes. I appreciate having a husband who can take care of things like this for me!

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