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30TH Anniversary Of The Lupole - Noyes Family Reunion

Lupole - Noyes Family Reunion 2010

Saturday was our annual Lupole - Noyes Family reunion. It was the 30th year that this reunion has taken place, though in the beginning it was just the Lupole family reunion. Then the two reunions were two different ones, but when they realized the same people came to both of them they combined them into one. The Lupoles and the Noyes clan grew up together, and lived in the Tracy Creek area of Vestal, New York. It was a time of close knit families and neighborhoods.

Robert Lupole and Granddaughter, Jill Rodrigues

With the passing of Uncle Bernard Lupole in January of 2009, my sweet, loving father-in-law, Bob Lupole took over the position of being the oldest member of this clan, now at the age of 90. He lost his best friend and wife in 2008, and his health problems are increasingly getting worse. He has been losing his vision steadily as well as his hearing. It takes away the activities he could do such as reading or watching tv or walking in the morning to a local doughnut shop to meet his friends. So we never know what each day brings and just are thankful for each day we have with him.

Aunt Marian and her children, Judy, Jimmy, Tommy and Dean

Aunt Marian is next in line in the Lupole family and she was very happy to have all her family present and accounted for. That was surprising when you consider that they are scattered all over the United States. One in North Carolina, another in Florida, another in Alaska and one locally. One family of her grandchildren came from Oregon and another from Ohio. So she threatened them all that if they want to see her before she croaks they better all come to the family reunion. She was surprised that they all showed up!

Angie Hillegass carrying her twin sister, Amy Foster's little girl, Felicity

My sister-in-law, Pat and her husband, Tim Noyes have raised four of the most beautiful daughters. They are a joy to know and to love, Lisa Moravek, Jill Rodrigues, Amy Foster and Angie Hillegass. All of them have married wonderful, caring Christian men who take wonderful care of their families. All of them are homeschooling the children and teaching them how to play music. Most of them have learned or are learning to sing and perform in public. 

Our lovely niece, Angie (Noyes) Hillegass and her daughter, Jocelyn

One thing about our family, thanks to the legacy of my mother-in-law, Lucille Lupole, who passed away in 2008, is that they are almost all musical. So we had music played by various family members, including my husband. I NEVER get tired of hearing him play his guitar and sing! Especially that most of his music is written by him.

Larry Lupole doing what he does so well!

  Miaha was a happy little dog trying to get morsels of food from everyone...........even other parties at other areas of the park! She was running all day and at the end of the day, she was tuckered out and sleeping in her daddy's arms.

Miaha says, "I may be small, but I can eat a lot!"


Games are a big part of the reunion for the children! I have a sneaking suspicion that Pat and her daughters enjoy the games MORE than the children! Even kids from other parties in the park try to join in. They love the prizes!!!!

A beautiful day for the games!

Jill is pretty active for a mother of nine children!

Jill with her niece Jocelyn in the sack race

We were lucky that my stepson, Jeffrey Paul Lupole and his son, Nathan were able to join us for the day. We have not seen Jeffrey much because he is pretty busy with his new subcontracting business. Nathan did get into a little trouble by jumping into the river and his grandmother was not too happy about that. He occupied himself most of the day fishing and caught this crab who he made pose for this photo.

Nathan Lupole and his catch of the day!

And at the end of the day........................

Preston Hillegass had the right idea!

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