Monday, June 21, 2010

Furniture On The Homestead

Furniture has changed considerably in recent years. It is sleek, has easy lines and is easy to care for. The differences over the years becomes obvious. People today do not have the time or want to spend the time polishing and caring for their furniture. This is when you start looking for better quality furniture and home design accessories for the best price. Price does not have to be the lowest................. just fairly priced for what you are purchasing.

That is what made me start researching furniture on the internet. I am in the middle of remodeling my home and I want to buy all new furniture in the very near future as we complete the remodeling process. One of the biggest names in furniture is Candice Olson Furniture so I had to research it. The first thing I learned is that Candice Olson is a Canadian designer who is the hostess of the HGTV television shows. So I went to her shows on the internet and  learned a lot about her. Her designs are awesome and I know that her furniture is what I want in my own home.

As we remodel our home, we want to show off the mix of old fashioned with new technology. I want to to do the same with the furniture. I do not necessarily love ultra modern styles, but when you combine a piece or two of it with some antiques..........the blending of that is awesome. Candice Olson Furniture not only offers furniture but lighting and rugs among other accessories. So you can add some of those with the antique pieces you have in your home.

Our home is powered exclusively with solar panels and I like showing the technical side of our life off. From the solar panels on our barn roof to our home office, where I run my business from the laptop computers. My home and lifestyle is not old fashioned at all as most people tried to imply when they knew we lived off-the-grid. Off-the-grid does not mean that you don't have electricity, it means that you are independent from the utility companies and provide your own power. So an expression of that high tech can be the incredible Candice Olson Furniture that will reflect that part of our lifestyle in the design of our personal living space.

As I remodel our house I take into account things that will affect the furnishings I buy. Such as the fact that we have pets that are in the house. I need to have furniture that pet hair won't stick to very much. I also need walls that are easy to wash or wipe down as we heat and cook with wood. So those are things I will be looking for. You can have a rural, country look in your home but still have an elegant feel to your house. I think after viewing several other furniture manufacturers I find that Candice Olson Furniture will fit into our design the best of all.

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