Monday, June 14, 2010

Have You Tried Google Earth Yet?

My old house in Crescent City Fl

As I posted yesterday, I have to get up early if I want to view videos or do things on the computer such as view Google Earth. This morning I did just that. I got up at 3:00 AM so I could view Google Earth. I visited my friend Cynthia's house in Crescent City, FL. I couldn't remember the exact address, but surprisingly remembered how to get there. Not bad when you consider that we moved from there in 1967! I was able to see the street view which makes you able to see the houses, the cars in the driveways and the plants in the yards. It brought back memories for me. Remembering the time Cynthia and I were skate boarding down the hill that goes toward Crescent Lake. I fell off and  broke my capped tooth that I had already broke a previous time doing something else. But my parents had just had a new cap put on. So my mother said the dentist felt sorry for her having to replace the new one so soon, and only charged her his cost of ten bucks for it.

Sadly, this house burned down after we moved.

I visited my old school in Crescent City, which I believe is now the elementary school. Brought back so many memories. Crescent City was a great place to grow up. It is surrounded by water, fresh water lakes and of course, the St. John's River. The St. John's River is actually why my parents moved my brother, Mickey and me there in 1962 to begin with. The area is known as the "the bass capital of the world" and that was the key to my parents choosing to move there to begin with. We were a fishing family, my parents' very favorite thing to do with the exception of swimming. Water sports. Our house was a mile from the river and it was a good life. I always wished we had never moved from there. That was my favorite house.

Our house in St. Petersburg, Fl

The thing about Google Earth is that you can view the address you are looking for just like you are walking down the street. I looked at my old house in St. Petersburg, FL and saw how big the little plants had become that my husband and I planted in 1994. You could see the details of the house to match it with the way the house looked when we lived there. Completely changed! Sometimes the address Earth Google puts up is not exact. It showed a different address for our house but I was able to look at details that were the same and of course, the houses across the street and next door.

Mickey and me with Mom at Lake Stella

I wish I could have shown my mother the office she worked in when we lived in Crescent City. It looks like it is still there. It may be a new or different business but it is the same building. She worked for Green's Fuel and gas company that also sold appliances. I looked at the windows of the store, and remembered her putting her Christmas decorations in those windows. We used to meet her at work many times after school and go swimming in Lake Stella. I viewed Lake Stella also. Wonderful place for swimming back in the 60's. Don't know how it is now.

For me it was worth getting up early this morning to play with Google Earth. I think I will be doing this again soon! Check it out!

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