Friday, July 30, 2010

List Of Homesteading Skills

Our off-the-grid homestead is only one example of homesteading.

I know my lifestyle does not appeal to all the readers who happen onto my blog. They are searching for a certain piece of information. By studying my hits coming from certain keywords I have found that most of the viewers are looking for articles I have written about these topics.

1. Storing food for the winter.

2. Squash casseroles.

3. Lasagna recipes.

4. Living without a motor vehicle.

5. Living without refrigeration.

6. Self-reliant or self-sufficient homestead or home.

7. Making a living from home or on a computer.

8. Growing your own food.

9. Cooking over a campfire.

10. Using or cooking with cast iron cookware.

11. The Christian Homesteading Movement.

12. Forest living or living in the woods.

13. Homesteading, homesteaders or homesteads.

14. Frugal living, frugal recipes, frugal shopping.

15. Cooking from scratch.

16. Wheel hoe or antique wheel hoe.

17. Wild plants for medicine or food.

18. Herbal remedies from the land around your home.

19. Wild Edible plants.

20. Christian homesteads.

These are not in order of what got the most hits. But they are keywords that come up daily. I find it interesting to see what topics interest my readers or viewers. If there is a topic you wonder about and think it fits my niche, please let me know. I am more than happy to research a topic if it is something I haven't covered yet. There are many things I am trying myself for the first time and will be writing about them as well. Ever since I bought my new camera last year I have been putting many more photos on my post as you can see. It helps when I can actually show you what I am talking about.

You do not have to be a homesteader or even a farmer to be self-sufficient or self-reliant. Even someone like Donald Trump living the luxurious life in the center of Manhattan can someday need to know how to live by his own skill instead of paying for it. As the Native Americans said long ago, "Money is not going to do you any good if there is nothing for money to buy."  So take the time to learn how and what to do in case things take a turn for the worse in your life or in the world. You never know what might happen. I know, as I have lived through bad times myself. We relied on our root cellar and pantry that was full of canned foods that I canned when things were going great. They were there when it counted! 

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