Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My List Of Homesteading Essentials

Morning At Peaceful Forest Homestead

Homesteaders are different from the main stream masses. We already downsized before it became fashionable. When we chose to go into this lifestyle termed as "homesteading"............. what do you need a big screen television for? What do you need a fancy sports car for? And designer clothes and jewelry? None of that stuff has a place in our lifestyle. It just takes up room and then one day you notice that you haven't used it, viewed it or worn in a year. Out it goes!

So what does a "modern homesteader" need to maintain this lifestyle? I have come up with my list that I will have to keep adding to most likely. It changes over time and is unique to each individual homestead. Some raise livestock for food, some like us, do not. My list will not include them since I do not have them. My livestock are my horses and they are not for food. LOL For pleasure only.........not sure if it for their pleasure or mine!

1. Manual tools - Shovels, Pick, Rake, Hoe, Wheel Hoe, Post Hole Digger.

2. Chainsaw and manual saws such as the buck saw and crosscut saw.
    Essential for heating and cook stove wood. Also for clearing land or getting wood for posts.

3. Cast Iron Cookware - well seasoned and knowledge to use.
    I'd be lost without my cast iron cookware as I can cook in a stove, on a grill or in a fire pit.

4. Canners - Pressure & Water Bath.

5. A good supply of canning jars is especially important.
    Once you have a good amount of these you recycle them by using them over and over.

6. Wood stoves - for heat and cooking

7. Supply of containers to start plants in.
    I start most of my plants in March so I start them in the house in a whatever container I find.

8. Wheelbarrow and garden cart.
    For transporting wood, plants, compost, rocks, water, etc.

9.  Books, Cookbooks, Gardening, References for whatever you are doing.
    If the internet was down or in a SHTF scenario you'd still have references for help.

10. Large glass jars, wooden boxes, baskets, containers to store food in pantry & root cellar.
      Storing foods in your pantry and root cellar needs some kind of containers that pests cannot access.

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