Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Security For Your Homestead

Rural Areas Need Protection too!

One thing that runs across peoples' minds when they see we live out in the middle of the state forest is that they would be scared to live out here. Most of them though, are scared of wild animals, such as mountain lions, bob cats or bear. What I am most scared of, would have to be the human animal! They are the ones who steal or destroy. If you live out away from neighbors and have to leave for a few days or even a few hours that gives someone the perfect opportunity to break into your home or barn and steal your valuables.

Well, even out here you can have a security video camera to protect your homestead. Many of our neighbors have security systems and even the hunting camps now have them. A funny thing that happened, (well not really funny, and especially not to them!) is the closest hunting camp to us was broken into, and it is owned by policemen and lawyers as a hunting lodge. You'd think they would have a security system in place. They didn't then, maybe now they do.

Since our home is off-the-grid, you probably think we are too far away for a home surveillance system to do much good. But that is not true. We really are not that far from our nearest towns, which is Oxford and Greene. A system like this would give you that peace of mind so that if anything happens at your home while you are gone, it will not go unnoticed until your return. In fact this system alerts authorities before they even break into your home!

ADT Home Security offers a backup battery and equipment guide so you can better understand how to set up a home system and get your protection in place.....now, before you need it. In case of a power outage the high capacity backup battery will keep you connected. So you stay connected and are never in danger of  any kind of trouble or break-ins. I know you will rest better and have peace of mind when your home is protected from intrusions.

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