Sunday, August 01, 2010

Where Do You Spend Your Time Every Day?

Work from home...........wherever you are!

I work from home every day. It is true that if are you working from home for yourself or own business that you work much longer hours than a forty hour week. Whenever something happens it is up to you to fix it. Many times you are alone and have to rely on your own skills.

My websites, Larry Gene Music and String Baby are sites that both sell guitar strings. Larry Gene Music also sells my eBooks and my husband's music cd. I started that site in 2002 because we planned on selling my husband's music cd, Classic Fantasy. I wrote more about it on a previous post. He was in an accident and could not play his guitar and I needed a way to make a living. So I had some learning to do! I also write four blogs, including this one and sell mostly used books on Bonanzle. So I am very busy, plus trying to run our homestead which is different than most homes.

One of the reasons we chose to sell guitar strings is because my husband plays the guitar and he knows them well. Being a very critical player makes him an excellent judge of quality strings. Strings are also very easy to ship out and the packaging isn't very costly. We developed a very good relationship early on with Curt Mangan, the manufacturer. That made it easy for us. He contacted us about selling his strings. It helped too, that his strings are one of the best available.

It is so sad that in this day and age most people have to give up their precious time for the money to live on. I don't feel like I am doing that by working at home, though I really am too. The hours I put in are working hours. But at least I don't have someone telling me what to do or when to do it. I am in control of my own time. So instead of waiting till I am 65 or so to have free time...........for eight years now, my time is my own. I like it that way. In the distant past, many people had businesses in the country. So they were able to get by selling what they grew or did services for people, and did not go to a job every single day.

I have yet to meet someone who truly loves to work for someone else. They will do everything they can to get the job.............then complain about it the whole time! Maybe they like some aspects about it or especially the money. Then how come they can't wait for Friday? Or their vacation days? Or why do they try to take sick days? Because they don't want to be there? Well, who in their right mind really wants to be at a job when they can be at home and able to use their own time for what they need........not what others need? What it all boils down to is that time is all we have. Time goes by quickly and you are more aware of it as you get older. Or watch your own fast they grow up. One day they are in their training pants, and the next day they are getting married!

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