Sunday, September 19, 2010

Looking Ahead To Fall

My little red pony, Tawny

Yesterday as my husband and I sat in our kitchen eating our supper, this little girl, Tawny stood at her fence looking into our kitchen watching us. She kept trying to get a better shot of us, moving around some. My husband knew she was working on him to come out and feed her. They do that you know..........

Callie Cat, my her mind, my boss!

Our cat, Callie, is the most demanding cat. I have heard through the group I joined on Flickr that the Tortoiseshell cat has a "tortie attitude". She does. She talks more than any Siamese I have ever owned. Chrips in her sleep. Chirps to her prey as she kills them. Chirps at flies when they bother her naps. She is very unusual and people do find her quite friendly, as well, as other animals. She rubs on our horses' noses and has no fear of them at all. Or of big dogs. Chases them away from here if they are a stray. Or welcomes them with cleaning their faces if they are welcomed visitors by us. They never know how to react, as most dogs are accustomed to a chasing cats........not the other way around.

Dark Shadow sticking her tongue out at me!

Dark Shadow and Georgie Girl thought I had more apples for them when I took these photos. I guess I caught them napping! I usually pick the apples from our tree and then throw them out in the paddock. They run to get them before the other one gets more. They are VERY selfish and I just can't seem to teach them to share. They tolerate it, but I cannot trust them to do it with my back turned! LOL Yet, they love each other and cannot bare to be parted. That's the horse herd I guess. Georgie Girl is the "boss mare" and she is very bossy. I'd hate to have to live under her rules!

The trees directly across the road are starting turn color!

The trees directly across the road from us are starting to turn, yet along the roads everywhere, most of the maples have already turned. I will get pictures of them soon and get them on here to share with my readers. I love the beautiful colors of fall. Sad to see our summer end. I always try to look forward to the future, and don't dwell on what was................ but focus on what is to come. 

What about you? Do you look forward? Or do you get stuck in that mode of looking at what was or what could have been? That is not good to do.  The reason is because you may find out what you wanted before, years later, turns out not to be what you really wanted all along. How many people get hung up on an ex-spouse who dumped them for someone else? Years and years they pine away over that person. It is always between them and their future relationships. Ruins years of their lives. Then maybe they do get together again and they find out they can't stand the person! Or they find out the person is not who they say they are. That ex-spouse has been doing things that are underhanded or illegal and hurt lots of people. Your life is so much better without him/her. Maybe the Lord arranges those things on purpose. Makes you appreciate your life so much more. I know. But I was lucky to find a wonderful, Godly man who made me never look back. 

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