Monday, September 13, 2010

Signature Lines In Your Email

From here to around the world by way of internet!

Yesterday I was working on, thanks to The RedHead Riter, a new signature line for my emails. My list is huge! Do you think people will be put off by so many links? The only thing is that I AM into so many things. I have been so busy working on my websites, my business, my writing and blogs, that I keep adding more and more. I had more than this that I could have included, but thought I'd better stop here. The idea is to let people know who you are and what you do. There it is! This is what I do and my blogs detail even my personal life, as well as, my humble opinions on all things.

Kathleen G. Lupole, President
KG Lupole LLC
KG Lupole LLC

Larry Gene Music
String Baby

Homesteading On The Internet
Solar Baby
The Enduring Word
Little Steps

String Baby-myspace

katlupe's booth
katlupe's Booth-facebook
Solar Baby-facebook
String Baby-facebook

Make Your Own Spiedies!

Now to see if my Windows Mail will accept this or not. That is the big question here.

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