Saturday, September 11, 2010

Social Media On The Homestead

Social Media has become very important to me for my business. I am networking with people in all walks of life. Not just friends and families. Being in business means networking with potential customers as well as other business owners. Where do you find them when you live out in the middle of thousands of acres of state forest? Not around the corner that is for sure! The towns around us are not big cities. They are your classic small towns. I love them, visit them often, and shop there too. But for business contacts and customers, my aim is the internet.

Myspace was the first one I was on. It was new and I learned a lot there. I can't say I haven't enjoyed being on there and networking with many people. Most of my connections there are Christian related. I have a page there for my business too, String Baby. Now those friends are mostly musicians or music industry related. Those are my potential customers. If you are in a different business, you can most certainly find your niche there if you search your keywords.

When I finally went to  FaceBook, I loved it! The fact that I was able to reconnect with all my old friends, especially in Florida was awesome. I went to school in Crescent City, FL and Flagler Beach, FL. I never in a million years thought, I would be friends with those people again. It has been great talking with them, seeing their photos and their children's photos and hearing about their lives. I have also connected with my friends from Homesteading Today  and it gives you a more personal relationship than the Homesteading Today site does. I think that is because you control the conversations and can eliminate the friends who put you down, or boss you around or make people afraid to post anything. Those people are blocked from my page immediately. We talk about all our homesteading activities and ask each other questions and encourage each other.

I am also friends with people I have met through The Blog Frog. I love that site! You can start your own community there if you wish, that is connected with your blog. I haven't done that and don't plan on it. I do not have enough hours in the day as it is. I belong to several communities there, and there are two I think homesteaders would like. One being the Homestead Revival and the other is the Frugal Living community. There are many others and I am sure you could find one to suit your personal preferences or blog.

The one I spend the most of my time on is Redhead Riter Community. I have met many online friends in that community and sincerely enjoy them, their posts and blogs. We are a community for sure. The Redhead Riter is outstanding as business woman who knows her stuff. She knows how to network and promote within the blogging community. Her blog gets a lot of traffic and is an excellent blog to read and source of information. Everyone should check her blog out and you will see what I mean.

On LinkedIn you can network with lots of business people who are sharing their information. I have spent a good part of my morning reading articles written by a very impressive man. I plan on implementing some of his information into my business as soon as possible. Some of it is exactly what I have been working on presently and that showed me that I was on the right track.

I also sell on Bonanzle but have written about that on this post, Selling On Bonanzle. And through that site I have become a member of Treasure Sellers Unite Network. They are an awesome network for online sellers,  who sell on eBay, Etsy, Bonanzle and others. So if you network among other sellers and everyone purchases from their networking friends we should all make a good living online. What do you think about that?

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