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Canning Pickled Hot Peppers

Peppers came in great this year!

This year my peppers came in really good. I grew five plants of hot peppers and two of bell peppers. The hot peppers came in plentiful. I could not believe my eyes! This has to be my best year yet for peppers and squash, both kinds, winter and the summer varieties. It was a good gardening year starting with a very gentle spring for a change. I had started most of my plants inside around April first. I got a head start on most plants by doing that, especially the squash. I will do that from now on.

One little bell pepper showing here!

I picked a basket full and then realized I did not have the proper gloves. You MUST wear gloves, like plastic ones, so that the juice cannot seep through when cooking or preparing them for canning. They are VERY hot and can burn your skin! My husband says it is weird that something you must protect your hands from when handling, you will put into your mouth and eat. Yes, it is! My son and I took a bite of one pepper last night and it burned our mouths! I had to eat a spoonful of sugar to get rid of the burning sensation. One good use for sugar I guess.

Sliced for canning.

I like to cut the peppers in little circles for canning. That is the way the ones I like to buy are cut. I use them on sandwiches and in salads. I am cutting these in thin circles as they are VERY hot. Won't need much to add some heat to a sub. The recipe I used is the basic one in the Ball Book Of Canning. It is just a matter of processing for 10 minutes in a water bath canner. Since these are so hot, I am canning them in my smallest jelly jars. We won't need a lot a lot of them. Probably I will be the only one in my family eating them anyway.

I had a whole bunch here!

When you are cleaning the peppers you have to cut inside of them to cut out the whole membrane with the seeds. Try not to get too many seeds into the pot with the slices. I got more than I wanted in there, but heck, it's only me eating them. They are time consuming. But whatever vegetable you are canning, it is always the most work during the preparation. Once they are in your canner it is easy. I usually clean up while waiting for the canning process.

The finished product!

I used the smallest jelly jars because I don't need a big supply of these. I think next year I will find a different variety that is not quite so hot. And if possible a heirloom seed. I like to save the seeds but didn't with these since they were so hot.I saved some of the peppers to dry whole upstairs too. Be careful handling the seeds also as they are very hot. I washed my hands last night but had to get up during the night as they got really hot again and I had to wash them again. Like I said before, wear gloves, which I did. But my hands were still feeling some heat. Whatever you do while working with hot peppers do not touch your face in anyway or one of your children or your pets. I am serious! This stuff is VERY HOT!!!!

Nine small jars are good for us.

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