Sunday, November 07, 2010

In The Beginning People Thought We Were Nuts!

Living In The Middle Of The State Forest!

When I first talked about wanting to homestead or be a modern homesteader my family and friends thought I had gone off my rocker. They could not understand what had possessed my husband and myself to want to live this way. When we actually purchased this old hunting camp located in the middle of the state forest, they KNEW we would live to regret it! Do you know what? Now those very same people are telling us how lucky we are! How we are safer than most people! How we have it made!!

What this means to me is that now it has become acceptable to live this way. It is on television, in magazines and showing up all around our family and friends. Their friends are talking about it. It is what the "in" crowd is now doing. It is the hottest way to live, self-sufficient, self-reliant, homesteading, modern homesteading............all are showing up in the elite circles. Now our families are saying to their friends, "this is what our brother or sister is doing..............." They are actually bragging about us! Wow, life sure turns around at times doesn't it?

Cooking Breakfast This Morning!

Of course, I had to go through a lot of sacrifice to get this far. Most women, and a lot of men too, couldn't have done it. It hasn't been easy at times, and sometimes it has been like a bitter pill to swallow. It is something though now, I am extremely proud of. I have sacrificed and done it and now we are finally seeing some of our hard work come to an end.........well, not quite yet. But soon! In the very near future and most likely in this next year.

One Part Of Our Electric System!

In another post, I wrote about Living With An Alternative Energy System which explains the history of our system and how it has evolved over the years. Then in the following post, Part Two Of Our Alternative Energy System, I showed each component and explained how it worked. For more details on the system, please check out my other blog, Solar Baby. We started off small and it was a good thing. My husband was in a work related accident, which I am thanking God he was not killed. But he had his right elbow crushed. Your elbow is a very complex joint as the knee is also. So he has had to do the work on our place slowly and it gets to him. He is a worker and likes to get it done and move on to the next project. He is not one of those guys sitting on a coach with a beer! But we do see many of our earlier projects coming to an end soon. Most especially bringing the running water into our house. That is something we are both looking forward to!

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