Thursday, November 04, 2010

Menus Help When Stocking Up Your Pantry

In my quest to prepare I have decided start over. Like I have never done this before. Like I am a "newbie" and starting right now, today. So this is what I want to discuss. How do you tell others how to start in an economy like we are living in presently if you did not do it?

To start, you need to write out your menus. You can do it on your computer or by hand. Whatever is good for you. First off, what is the main dish for your biggest meal daily? Some people eat lunch for their main meal, especially after being retired. What I did was to write out 14 main supper dishes for us. Remember to choose 14 dishes that your family really likes to eat! Not something you want them to eat because it is good for them. Not for this project. My family is my husband and I. He is a particular eater and will not eat many foods that I love and are cheap. So this is a problem I have to work around.

My 14 Main Dish Meals:

  1. Chicken Thighs With Hot Wing Sauce
  2. Pork Country Ribs
  3. Roast Turkey Breast
  4. Chili
  5. Tuna Melts
  6. Oven Fried Chicken
  7. Pork Chops 
  8. Beef Stew
  9. Turkey Salad
  10. Baked Fish Fillets
  11. Beef Pot Roast
  12. Chicken  & Dumplings
  13. Pasta Dish (Lasagna, Spaghetti, Ravioli, etc.)
  14. Ground Beef  or Steak Dish (hamburger, meat loaf, meatballs, casserole, stir-fries)

That is the first thing to do. Then you will add the side dishes. Like so,

Side Dishes:

  1. Carrots
  2. Winter Squash
  3. Beets
  4. Potatoes
  5. Sweet Potatoes
  6. Mixed Vegetables
  7. Creamed Corn
  8. Green Beans
  9. Baked Beans
  10. Asparagus
  11. Cabbage
  12. Spinach
  13. Kale
  14. Potato Salad
  15. Macaroni Salad
  16. Coleslaw
  17. Mushrooms & Onions
  18. Tossed Salad
  19. Broccoli
  20. Cauliflower
My side dishes are a mixture of foods that either we both eat, he won't eat (many!), and what I don't eat due to eating only low carbs. If  my husband changes over to low carbs that'll be great and I will modify my lists. For the time though, this is how I am doing it. You must plan your meals based on your families likes and dislikes. Just because one person doesn't like something, that is no reason not to prepare it. I do and I have always done so.

Next week I will post on how to make the ingredients list. You want to have enough food on hand to prepare your meals. Then when you shop you will be only buying more for the future. That way you can pick up foods and supplies that are on sale. There are a lot of other blogs about doing this from the object of saving money. I am doing it for the object of saving time by going shopping less and always having really great meals. It's nice to have a choice of what's for supper!

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