Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve On Our Peaceful Forest Homestead

Georgie Girl

Merry Christmas to your house from our's. Our animals don't seem to know we are celebrating, as every day is the same for them. When you own livestock you must take care of them and do chores regardless of  holidays or any family emergency. I know when my husband was hurt at work his boss came to take me to the hospital. Before I could even leave, I had to feed and water my horses. Then I had to catch my pet hen and get her inside. Feed and get all my cats and dog in the house. Then I could finally leave, and see how my husband had survived an accident at work when he was almost killed.

Dark Shadow

So all days of the year, you have to be able to feed, water and care for your animals. Horse stalls need to be cleaned out. Hay needs to be brought in when we are almost out. Which yesterday my husband had to do that job. Pick up hay and then load it upstairs into our barn.


We are definitely celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Hope everyone has a good Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas too! For us, Christmas will be a nice dinner here at home with just the two of us. That is fine with us. I like having a stress free holiday and that is how our holiday is now. So God bless all my readers and know that each and every one of you is important to me. After all, you are reading what I write!

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