Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long Winter Nights On Peaceful Forest Homestead

"Need some help?"

Cold weather brings about those thoughts of certain foods to me. Like stew, chili or a pot of a good hearty soup.  Nothing is better than coming in the house after being out in the cold and smelling something good cooking on the stove. I like to just let it simmer all day on the wood heating stove. Of course, that drives my husband crazy! He gets hungry just at the mere mention of food. You'd think he was a big guy with all the food he likes to eat. But he's not carrying any extra weight at all.I think it is because he is always working and doing physical jobs. Even if he doesn't have to, he can't sit still for too long.

"I thought I saw a kitty cat!"

We eat salads all year long, though I do enjoy soup too. I can eat just soup for a whole meal with some homemade bread or rolls. It fills me up pretty good and that is what I am planning on doing. Making up some soups and can them so that I can have some whenever I want. Having the food available in the pantry in jars is like having a fast food restaurant that serves healthy, good quality food without any of the secret additions, like MSG, sugar, corn syrup, etc.

Raised beds under the snow.

Since we don't get a lot of sunshine in upstate New York at this time of the year, it is important to get some extra vitamin C. Some of that, some outside time for a bit of exercise and good, comforting, hot foods really go far in relieving that winter depression many people get this time of year. Two keys to getting through a winter in a cold climate like this is to have a supply of firewood so you don't have to get it during the winter at all. The other thing is to have your pantry and root cellar full of food. When you are cold, if you eat, it will warm your body up. Pretty quickly too.

That is also true with your critters. Our cats and dog want food almost immediately in the morning, though our cats eat pretty much all night long. I will hear them crunching when I am sleeping. The horses might get shivering in the morning, but as soon as they can get some hay inside of them they start to warm up immediately. Georgie Girl especially has to be watched for this.

"I promise I will NEVER complain about hot weather again!"

What I do in the evening when my husband goes outside to give the horses' their night hay and water is to fix some hot cocoa. Then when he comes in, he has something to warm him up. He looks forward to it and it is a small treat that he enjoys. Especially if I have marshmallows to put in it. I figure he has to go out in the cold and thaw the pump, and carry water to them, as well as pass their hay around the paddock. And it's cold out there!

I hope everyone is warm and cozy if you are in a cold climate. And if you are in a warm climate........lucky you!

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