Monday, December 13, 2010

Shoes Can Be A Great Gift Idea!

With everyone having a hard time this year financially, buying presents seems to be a problem to many of my followers. A great idea for everyone should be something that is not a luxury item, but something that is useful and needed. If you have saved up some money for Christmas shopping, why not buy everyone a pair of shoes or boots? I know that is something my own family is always in need of! Especially my husband who does a lot of work outside in the cold weather. So it is definitely work boots for him!

I was looking online for a pair of shoes and I found such a variety that I ended up shopping for fun. My blogging friends have all mentioned how they love high heels. My mother called them "spikes" and she wore them every day to work. Now for me they wouldn't be a needed item. But if you have a family member who works in an office environment, a pair of high heels could be useful for her.

Another good gift idea would be sneakers. Everyone always needs them. If you have children on your shopping list, any kind of footwear is a perfect Christmas present for them. Slippers is a good item for all ages too. Slippers is one of the items I am planning on buying for myself this year. The great thing about footwear for Christmas presents is that even if the receiver didn't need a new pair they probably will love them anyway. It seems that nobody has too many pairs of shoes, boots, sneakers or slippers.

I know as it gets closer to Christmas that many people get more stressed out. I used to. I would worry over whether I bought the right gift or did I forget someone. Sometimes you have to draw the line on spending so much money on what someone wants. Buy them what they need instead. Then again, shoes may be both.........what they need and want. How could you go wrong with that?

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