Friday, January 07, 2011

Another Happy Birthday To Nikita Blackwolf!

Nikita's 13th birthday is today! 

Nikita doesn't understand what we are talking about. That is unusual in itself, as she is extremely intelligent and we are careful about what we say in front of her. She understands things you wouldn't expect a dog to know. I wrote about her in My Memories Of Life - Nikita in November. In that post I told of how we got her and her puppy years. She was so frisky as a puppy! Now of course, she has slowed down much. Just like we have.

I keep thinking each year would be her last year. Two years ago she was having so much trouble walking and was limping. Now for some reason that limp is gone. She gained weight do to less exercise. Now this year she is going out into the woods again. Just yesterday, my husband was way out in the woods and she kept watching for him. Pretty soon she went outside and then I noticed she was gone. I knew she probably went to find him. She tracked him because he was pretty far out. So now, I don't know. She is still overweight and she is not a big eater at all. Very fussy. She hates dog food. And she won't eat most of our people food unless it is plain meat, and if it is raw..........that is even better. She likes the BARF diet the best.

So I am happy to have her. She is my best buddy, not really like a pet at all, but more like a person in a dog's body. Kind of like the Shaggy DA, I guess (it was a movie, long ago). Today I will do my best to spoil and pamper her, though I guess I do that every single day of the year. She loves snow and must be that why we had so much this morning. Have a good homesteading day all!

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