Monday, January 31, 2011

Buying Your Homestead

Many people contact me about wanting to know how they can speed up the process of buying their homestead property. They are looking but don't know how to do it. I know with our economy in the shape it is in presently, that can be a big problem when you are trying to find financing. One option that many people do not consider is if they qualify for veteran loan discounts. If I was just starting out now, that is the option I would investigate. My husband being a Army veteran would easily qualify for that type of loan.

There is such red tape and paperwork trying to get through the process of buying your house. So finding a way to do it easier and faster is a plus. So if you or your spouse has been in the service, be sure to check them out. Streamline Refinance is another way to find lower interest rates and better benefits for refinancing your present home. Sometimes that can be an option that will lower your monthly payments.

Housing is the one area of life that you usually have to acquire debt to get it. Not many people have that much money in their bank account. The whole process is a puzzle to many people and sometimes they find it easier to stay where they are, rather than buy their own home. If finding a mortgage is holding you back, check out the  veteran loan discounts and let them help you though the process. Working with a qualified specialist will help you in securing the home of your dreams.

I know when we purchased our home back in 1999, the regulations regarding mortgages wasn't that hard to deal with. So if you are just getting started now, things are a lot different for you than they were for me. You can apply for your mortgage before you even locate the property, to see what type of mortgage, and how much of one you qualify for. Then go looking! That way you will not be disappointed to find a property you really want to purchase, but cannot get the financing for it. I would also recommend not buying one out of your price range. You don't want to be strapped trying to pay your bills every month.

I hope you find the home of your dreams. Remember though, sometimes you have to settle for one that isn't quite what you wanted. But it is affordable. Once you are living in it, you can make it the house of your dreams. That is what I have been doing little by little. Good luck! And let me know how you make out in this endeavor.

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