Monday, January 03, 2011

Courage To Change The Things I Can

Today I worked on listing books in my Bonanza booth. I am going to try to get 1000 items in my booth for sale before my birthday, which will be in June. So I have been pretty busy. In between listing books, I was in my kitchen cleaning. That is something you can never get around unless you don't eat. So when I got done, I decided I would get us some Chinese take-out for supper, then I would get a break from cooking. Nope, that is not as easy as I thought. Our closest Chinese restaurant is closed. Maybe it went out of business?  A few weeks ago as I sat in there waiting for my order, they were pretty busy. So it must be some other issue. I hope they reopen soon. I had to make something quick, since now I was behind my schedule. We had hamburgers and that made my little girl, Nikita (dog) very happy.

God Grant Me Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change,

I have decided not to stress myself out if I can't get a blog post written every day. I will not get stressed out if I don't get anything listed every single day on Bonanza. And I definitely WILL NOT get upset if I don't have a sale every day. Take it one day at a time, and just keep plugging along on this thing called life. Then one day, I will notice all the things I wanted to accomplish..........will be all finished and I have moved on to the next thing.

Courage To Change The Things I Can, And

Remember to take time for enjoying your life. Those moments really count. Later on that is what you will remember and talk about. If you have young children, take that time with them to make memories. My son is going to be 41 next month and that is what he likes to talk about.......our memories of things we did when he was a child.

Wisdom To Know The Difference.........

Make this year a year to remember, I am going to try to do that myself. I am calling myself, an "overcomer" and that is what I shall do. I shall overcome all obstacles I have to face in this coming year......and I have a few. What about you? Peace be with you..........

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