Monday, January 17, 2011

It's One Thing After Another On Your Homestead!

Our temperature when we got up this morning was -15. That is cold! You can tell when it is going to be cold at night as it was very clear. A clear night around here always means cold. A cloudy night usually means snow. It is always one or the other.

The last couple of days has been one of those times when everything that will go wrong will. First of all my husband's chain on the saw broke, and yesterday he had to spend $30.+ on a new one. Then I found the shelf where I kept my cleaning supplies was a mess, because one of the bottles with a sprayer had leaked all over the top. It is a shelf on top of a cabinet, and is warm up there so the liquid had gotten sticky, and was under all the other supplies. I had to take everything off, clean the shelf, clean all the bottles, especially the bottoms and put them back. I did that this morning.

In the middle of that job, I was making lasagna and pineapple upside down cake for supper. I went to my pantry and inside one of my containers, a glass bottle of gingerbread syrup had froze and broke. All that syrup in the bottom of the plastic container caused all the other stuff in there to get all sticky and dirty too. Just like the cleaning supply shelf! I guess it is good that it was all in the plastic tote container. I have to use them in my pantry until my husband finishes the remodeling job he started on it. Have an awful problem with mice so nothing can be out. All must be contained.

Why do these things happen all at the same time? Now I have much work to do so this will be a very short post. I am almost afraid to go do anything else unless something else has gotten messed up. Hope you all have a happy homesteading day and keep warm!

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