Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wild Birds Provide Entertainment

Blue Jay

Every morning our deck is a playground for the Chickadees, Nuthatches and one big healthy Woodpecker. And sometimes, if I am lucky a couple of Blue Jays.Our dog, Nikita takes her bones out there and chews while my husband is out there doing morning chores. So when she is not there the birds like to eat off those bones too. I started putting scraps out there for them instead of where I kept the bird feeder. I did that because I had to walk in deep snow to get to that spot. But the real reason I feed them on the deck in winter, is because it is my favorite form of entertainment. If I buy a big amount of suet at the grocery store it will be gone by nightfall.

A Nuthatch who does not like to share at all!

Our cat, Callie sits in front of the sliding glass door to the deck and just watches the birds. Sometimes she ducks like she thinks they are going to swoop down on her. Other times she makes her chirping sounds, as she doesn't growl or make the usual sounds a cat does when it wants to kill. She is the most friendly cat and chirps to everyone......even her victims. But having the birds feeding on our deck has given our cats a way to break the boredom that winter brings. Only Hobo goes outside regularly. She is the one I have to keep an eye on as far as the birds go. She is a good hunter but seems to understand that she is in trouble if she messes with the birds.

A Chickadee eating out of the cat food can!

Last year, we had a Crow attack one of our Blue Jays. My son and I ran out of the house and chased him away. I had never seen them do that before. I always chase the Crows away when they land on our property. They will take all the food that I put out for the other birds. They don't usually land in the forested areas. But we have open spaces around our house, paddock and garden areas.

I put grease from meats out there in the cat food can. They love it! I put all kinds of scraps out there for them besides the bird seed. The birds all prefer our food first, then sunflower seeds. If I buy the cheap bird food, many times they refuse to eat it. Just like my cats and dog will not eat cheap cat and dog food. What is in the cheap stuff anyway? I guess it is like buying the cheap processed foods for us. No difference.

Do you have wild birds come to your house? Mine swoop down to my husband and me when we are outside all the time. They will land right next to me when I am putting food out there for them. I like to watch them fight and bicker over the food. Just like the horses do. They are just so cute!

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