Sunday, January 09, 2011

Winter At Peaceful Forest Homestead

Snow On Our Homestead

Snow makes much work, but is a thing of beauty too. I love the way it settles on the branches of the trees. Trees make up so much of my surrounding view, that I have developed such a deep love for each and every one. I know when my husband has had to take one down that is really close to our home and yard, I feel a little sad. Though all the trees he takes down are usually "standing dead," as he calls them.

Ludlow Creek Near Our Home.

The thing is that if you are well prepared for winter, like the squirrels, then winter is not a big deal. Having your pantry and root cellar stocked with food and supplies, Having a wood shed full of wood and kindling, ready to go. Having prepared in the spring, summer and fall, goes a long way to making the winter not so difficult to get through. 

Hay keeps our horses warm in winter.

I like to shop in thrift stores. And I fill our winter clothes closet with warm clothes for cold weather. Flannel pajamas are really good and you can wear them under your clothes for extra warmth. I pick up hats, gloves, boots, socks, mittens, scarves and coats. Long johns are something I find a lot of at thrift stores. Sometimes even in the package they came in! I figure they were a gift to someone who did not wear them. Socks, especially hunting socks, is an item that is usually plentiful at thrift stores and garage sales. I especially like to find a church rummage sale. They offer a lot of warm winter clothing for very low prices. Don't forget sweat shirts and pants. I love them! My husband doesn't care for them.  He wears flannel shirts and I find them just about everywhere too.

I pick up all the blankets and afghans I can find at the thrift stores too. We have many comforters that I found for free. The two thrift stores in our area are basically free. You can leave a donation if you so choose. I always give something. Another good thing are those long, thick robes made of blanket material. Sometimes I use them as an extra blanket. They are very warm and I have about 5.

Our Wood Cook Stove.

After finishing up our outside chores we can come inside and relax. With a fire in the stoves to warm us up, then I can cook some food. In this way, being prepared, keeping warm and fed makes the winter not seem quite so bad. For us, at least, we don't have to drive anywhere most of the time. If we need feed or hay for the horses, that's another story. Have to keep those girls fed and happy! I try to keep stocked up with pet food, as well, as household supplies. Especially in winter! I do as much stocking up as possible every time I go to a store or order online. Even when you are stocked up, you keep replenishing what you use. It is an on going job. 

Stay cozy and warm if you live in a cold, snowy part of the country or world today! 

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All Photographs Copyright © 2011  Kathleen G. Lupole

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