Saturday, February 05, 2011

Making Friends Online

The funny thing about the internet is that you can do your business on it. You can plan your meals from it, from your menus to your recipes to your shopping list. You can broaden your knowledge, getting into some subject and researching it and studying it online. You can do you banking and paying bills on it. Even pay your taxes on it. And you can even make friends on it. "Friends? Oh how can that be?" I can hear you now.

What is a friend anyway? According to The Free Dictionary it means:

  1.  a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty; an intimate
  2.  an acquaintance or associate
  3.  an ally in a fight or cause; supporter
  4.  a fellow member of a party, society, etc.
  5.  a patron or supporter a friend of the opera
  6. be friends (with) to be friendly (with)
  7. make friends (with) to become friendly (with)

The truth is, that I have had made some very good friends online. In fact, some of them know more about me than ones I know in person. The reason I think that is true is because I am a writer. So when I talk to people in person, it is just that small talk sort of conversation. When you write a email, a blog post or a forum post, you can express yourself much better. No one interrupts you. No one corrects what you are saying. No one acts bored with your conversation. In fact, they really listen (or read). Then they have time to reply back after having looked at your message again if need be. My NY homesteading forum all met online and now we have met each other in person many times. Even been to each others's homes. 

In person, I find that I can't keep up with friendships. I am very busy at home. Driving somewhere to meet for a lunch or dinner is not something I really like to do. In front of my computer, I can devote my time and thoughts on what I am writing. Not worrying about what time it is or how bad the roads are, or if I have enough gas to make it back home. 

Over the years I have met some very awesome people on my computer. I reconnected with some people that I knew in person. Many people that I had lived near and gone to school with. I thought I'd never see any of them again!  Just a few months ago, I reconnected with my own cousin. It seems to me that we get to know each other so much more by writing. It may be an old fashioned method of developing a friendship. Such as letter writing was in the past. But now with the computer and internet, it has become modern technology! 

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