Thursday, February 24, 2011

Plants Growing In My Compost Pile - What Is It?

Wild plants growing in the compost pile.

Have you ever seen these plants? Do they look familiar to you? This plant is growing in my compost pile pretty regular now. But I have no idea what it is. I looked through my wild plant field guides and could not find it. 

Close up view of the plants.

I almost think it could be Jerusalem artichokes, except that the flower, though being yellow, looks different. Their flower is like a yellow daisy or small sunflower with a yellow center. Does anyone looking at this know if it is in fact, a Jerusalem artichoke? 

Sunlight shining on the wild plants.

The reason I think that is what it could be is because a few years back my friend Hilltop Daisy gave me some to plant. I planted them and they grew out of site! My little round bed is under my clothesline and I could not even use the clothesline. My husband and I pulled them up and never harvested them. We threw them out in the berry patch which isn't far from our manure pile. So now as I write this it occurs to me that it is very possible that it is indeed, the Jerusalem artichoke. Does anyone reading this know if that is what it is? Or that it might be?

Close up of the yellow flower that grows on this plant.

See the yellow flower is completely different from the one I have seen on Jerusalem artichokes. So if you have some idea what it could please leave a comment so I can research it. Thank you so much!

NOTE: Thanks to my readers, I have found that my plant is Yellow Jewelweed. A plant my good friend, Jamie has posted about on her blog in the post, Jewelweed and Poison Ivy. Now I am looking forward to its return in the spring!

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