Sunday, February 13, 2011

Situations That Make People Crabby

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When a person doesn't feel good or has something wrong with them, they start being first, moody, then a little grumpy and irritable, then as time goes on, downright angry and hard to get along with. I know this first hand. When I was a kid my parents had moved to Florida. My father got sick down there and the doctor said it was prostrate gland trouble. He'd go to the doctors and nothing ever helped. I remember hearing him scream in pain as my bedroom was right across the hall from my parents'. In that time period, he had gone from being a very easy going, father to a very crabby one. He'd get mad so easily. Not at all the way he was prior to his health not being good. I was a kid at the time so I really didn't understand what was going on.

Then my parents moved us back to NY. One of the very first things my mother did was make an appointment with our prior family doctor. He put my father in the hospital for tests. Then he called in a urologist. You know what the problem was the whole time? He had kidney stones! So the doctor in FL could not figure that out? I would think that would have been an easy thing to diagnose. And with the return of his good health, came the father I knew so well before!

The other thing that makes a person be really crabby is not having enough money. I don't mean not having enough money to spend on silly things or luxury living. But just paying bills and buying food. When you don't have any money for much more than paying those bills, then that will cause a marriage to fall apart real fast. If you can weather most storms through out your marriage and then the financial side just gets worse and worse, then your marriage will suffer. Especially if one of you become hard to live with. It makes life horrible for the other person. It can break up a previously good relationship.

My mother knew how to save money and how to live on less than most people. She always worked and her pay check always went into the bank. My parents lived on one paycheck like she wasn't working. She always had a job. Sometimes I didn't like it that she worked, but we never went without. Even when things were tough. She sewed all her own clothes and mine too. How else could I have dressed like Cher so well? Every evening after supper, she'd sit at her sewing machine and sew. My parents never went out or hired babysitters for us. We didn't go out to restaurants. They just didn't live that way. I can see now, that living that way is what gets so many people in a pickle nowadays. Things I have been changing in my own household go back to my youth and growing up with parents who knew how to save money and not waste a penny.

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