Friday, April 01, 2011

Hopi Pale Grey Squash Seed Starting

 Blue Hubbard Squash are growing!

Even though it is snowing and cold here in upstate NY today, my thoughts run to spring. We are so ready for it after our long hard winter. I went upstairs to water my seedlings this morning and found many had sprouted. I will transplant them into their own pots soon. Keeps me focused on my garden. I wrote about starting my seeds in this post, Starting Seeds Today on March 18th. They are coming up and look good.

 My Hopi Pale Gray Squash 2010

 Except my own saved Hopi Grey Squash seeds have not showed their face yet. Now these seeds are heirlooms and I thought they would start with no trouble. Maybe they need more time, or............

Hopi Gray Squash Seeds 2010

 I recently read on Jackie Clay's blog that you are not supposed to plant any squash seeds within a mile of each other. Now I don't have that much room on my whole property let alone in my garden. It makes me wonder about people with next door neighbors who have gardens. Many people grow winter squash. She had much more detail on it on her blog but it makes me see I really need to do the research on saving seeds and planting heirloom seeds. If you follow my link to her blog, scroll down to the area where readers ask questions. She tells you there about saving squash seeds (it might be hard to get past the pictures of her beautiful log house though!).

 Broccoli Seedlings

It disappoints me that I shouldn't be planting that many different kinds of squash in one garden. Does that mean that I can't grow various types of  pumpkins and squash? Or is that the conditions for only the heirlooms? I have some that are not heirlooms. I was going to be using them up before I discontinued them completely from my garden. I guess I will learn as I go with the heirlooms and saving my seeds. 

 Hubbard Seedling Popping Up!

 How is your seed starting going this year? My friend Marlene, the writer of an awesome blog called Marlene's Many Hats posted her seed starts for her Wordless Wednesday post this week, Look at her! Way to go Marlene!

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