Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unauthorized Charges On The Phone Bill!

Along the road on the way home.
 I have been very busy the last few days working on our new website. So I may miss a post or two in the future. But I am still right on for posting every day so far this year. My husband is designing it and I am listing categories and products. I haven't done that in a very long time. Our other sites where we sell guitar strings have been pretty well set up. This one is completely different. A new concept and I am VERY excited about it! I'll tell you more after I get it up and running.

Same day, same trip, different road.
 Today I found out that a company that does Search Engine Optimization, Velocity Marketing Concepts has charged our telephone bill $39.00! Even though we never ordered it or even heard of it before. My husband is a SEO person and does it very well. We would have never paid someone to do it for us! I went to their site and found that my company was not listed. So I remembered someone kept calling us about listing my husband's old publishing company in their yellow pages. We kept saying no and hanging up. Now I think they signed it up without us even knowing it.

I find it interesting that someone can charge a phone bill like it is credit card. That is reason enough to get rid of it. I have a Tracfone and I have complete control over that. No extra charges that I can see on that. Or even that they can do that without my knowing it. We should keep our phone number private so they can't call it. I don't know if it will make a difference or not, but I am going to file a report against them with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It is not right that they can do this. We are also registered with the Do Not Call Registry and we still get swamped with calls from investment companies. Like we are going to do an investment over the phone with someone we have never met. Right!

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