Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes For A Special Father!

Michael Dran 1986

Today is my father's 92nd birthday! He has lived a long life in his book. Being a very active man, even at 92, he is always outside working on something. If it is not rebuilding a motor of some sort, rototiller, snowblower, lawnmower, whatever, then he is working in his garden. Always doing something, and usually outside.

My parents  

My parents were a good couple. They loved to do lots of outdoor things together. One of their favorite things was to go fishing. We lived in Florida, and fishing or swimming was something we did as a family many times. They showed a lot of affection and care for each other. No doubt that they loved each other very much.

My son helping his grandfather.  

I wish I could be following in my father's footsteps, but seeing as he can walk better than I can, I guess that is not to be. In many ways I am more like him than my mother. Not in this way though. He is an avid gardener and I like to think that is where I get my love of gardening and making things grow.

Daddy showing a mower he had made.

He was the type of father that would take you places with him. Or build things for you. Made you feel safe. He took care of us and whatever we needed, he did. If we heard a prowler around at night, he'd take his big 44 out of from its place next to his bed and go outside to check. I always was reassured with my father sleeping the next room!

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