Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peaceful Forest Projects Progressing Nicely!

 Is it too early to find a broken robin's egg?

We have finally been getting much work done on our projects around Peaceful Forest! The weather seems to be cooperating with us. Though, last week everyone said rain was in the forecast for this week. Haven't seen a raindrop since!

 The bottom of the wind turbine tower is cemented in.

My husband was able to put the cement in the box that holds our wind turbine tower. It was full of water for so long we thought he'd never make any progress on that project. But it is in and he can move along to the next step. This is a very big project for him. The pipes are welded and connected to the box and it pivots so it can be brought down to the ground if he needs to fix something on it in the future.

Snow filled battery room during winter!

The other project my husband has been working on is the room for our batteries. It means they will be out of my living room.....finally! He is doing a lot right there in that little room, such as:

  • First, he is laying a cement floor, putting in windows on the front, then capping it off, (so it will be the room under our front porch floor).  
  • Second, it will hold our battery system in a wooden insulated box. They will be hooked up to our system which is in the barn. 
  • Third, he is building a platform for our generator (we use a special built generator that is for off-the-grid systems only. Not like the camping type generators. DC only.). The platform will have a jack that will raise the generator out of the room, which is a cellar room, and up onto the ground while it is being run. 
  • Fourth, he is will be bringing the water from the well in connected to a water pump and going into a pressurized water tank. 
  • Fifth, then he will be putting in the water heater. So when the wind turbine brings in more power than our batteries need, instead of turning off, the charge controller will divert it to our water heater. Then I will have hot running water at times!

I still have my plants all over my house waiting to go into the ground. May 15th is our last frost date. I don't know how they came up with that date. I have personally seen frost here in June. So I will just wait a bit longer and hopefully can get my garden planted by Memorial Day. How about you? If you live in a warmer area do you have your garden all planted? How is it doing? Getting enough rain?

Have a wonderful day! 

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