Friday, May 06, 2011

Using Compost Piles For My Garden

I love my Neuton garden cart!

I take my buckets out to the compost pile in my Neuton garden cart. Since I have physical limitations now, this little cart has made it possible for me to still do some of my homesteading chores. I especially hated having to ask my husband to get my compost for me when he already has a huge amount of chores to do himself. If I ask him to do something for me, he is always ready to do it. But I like my independence and won't give it up without kicking and screaming all the way!

Compost pile presently being filled

Three separate piles of compost makes our composting work. The first pile is the one we are adding new manure to daily. This we leave alone. We do not stir it or take its temperature. We just let it sit and it will compost.

Jewel weed is growing on top of it!
The second pile is the one we added to last year. It will be used next year. It will compost and when it is time to use this pile, it will be rich black dirt. Better than purchasing fertilizer.

Empty....for we used it last year.
The third compost pile is the one we used last year. It is empty basically. You can take what is left as it is still good and will remain so until we start adding more to it.

Rich compost is the secret of our bountiful garden harvests!

And this is the compost pile I am using presently. All of the compost here will be added to our raised beds as they all need topping off. Today though, I am getting buckets of compost to start plants in containers. I like to fill all my containers as well as raised beds. You can NEVER have TOO much food!

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Carrying my buckets back to the garden area where I will fill my many containers. It is too cold yet to do much serious planting and transplanting my plants from indoors to outside. But this is something I do every year. I like to have the containers scattered around the yard too.

My helpers, Patches and Hobo.

How are you doing with your garden this spring? Or are you having too much rain? Or cold temperatures? Do you have a compost plan in effect? How is it working out for you?

Have a great homesteading day! 

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