Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Thoughts Of My Grandmother Today

Anna Leonard Neer (left) and her two sisters,
Josie (center) and Mary (right)

Today would have been my grandmother's 110th birthday. I can hardly believe she has been gone so many years now. I miss her. In her later years, I did not get to see her so much. She had moved first in with my uncle and his family, then to my aunt's which was farther away. Many times you do not think of the time when you won't have that option to see them whenever you please. I wish now, that I had made an effort and not been so busy with my life at the time.

 My mother and grandmother,
Hazel Neer Dran and Anna Leonard Neer 

Regardless, I have many good memories of my grandmother and think of them often. Since my birthday is the day after hers, tomorrow, she always made a big deal of our birthdays being together. I stayed at her house often, and when my family lived nearby, we would pick her up and bring her to our house. I wish we had stayed nearby, and been with her through out those years. She wrote to me back then, and I regret that I have none of those letters now.

My grandmother feeding her chickens

My grandmother loved her farm, even though by the time I was old enough to remember, she only had some chickens. I will always remember the day her family got together to take her barn down. She was very sad. She would have rather had them repair it. Not take it down. Her love for her family was the most important thing to her and she always put them first above her. Always.

Happy Birthday To My Grandmother in heaven with her family!

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