Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cutting Your Lawn Is Good For The Critters!

Neuton electric lawn mower - no gas!

Cutting the lawn is my husband's job. He is very particular about it. Has to look a certain way. And he hates it when he can't do it if it rains. Ever since we bought our Neuton electric lawn mower, he has liked this job even more. Our lawn is big and he does not have a "rider." The batteries for it are charged by our alternative energy system which consists of five solar panels at this writing.

Grass looks shabby, not good for pets!
One year he decided to save money by not buying a new gasoline mower and bought a scythe instead. That was a big mistake. Not a good choice for a man with a crushed right arm. We have always had trouble with gas mowers. They seem to break down a lot or have trouble starting. Not the Neuton electric mower!

It's not too short, not too's just right!
The biggest reason not to use a scythe for your lawn though, is that having the grass a bit longer than usual, caused our cats and dog to get infested with fleas. We have never had much of a flea or tick problem here. I think it has to do with keeping your grass cut down. I am not talking about cutting it too short. I see many lawns like that, and that will cause it to turn brown. Or when you let it go too long, and then cut it very short, it will clump all over the place. Messy!

Looks nice and neat and is good for all the critters.

My husband uses a grass catcher on the back of the Neuton lawn mower and then gives the fresh grass to the horses every time he has to empty it. They look forward to it. Nickering when he takes the lawn mower out! Even our wild birds love when he mows the lawn. The robins follow him the whole time. So they are probably eating all those tiny insects that they can't get to when the grass is too high. They don't get scared of the mower at all. In fact, I think they call to the others to come to the yard because he is mowing it! So it is not only good for us, but for the cats, the dog, the horses and the wild birds. Good for all who live here.

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