Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Food Storage Supply Plan

Our first fire this season!
Since this is our hot time of the year. I am working on devising the supplies I need to buy to stock us up with no need for the refrigeration. So I presently have two gift cards for Emergency Essentials and need to use them in two different orders. I am working on an order for them. Here is what I have come up with:

1. Dehydrated whole eggs
2. Dehydrated cheese
3. Freeze Dried broccoli
4. Instant Dry milk powder
5. Baking Powder
6. Oats
7. Cream Of Wheat
8. Bacon Bits
9. Sausage crumbles

Dairy products are the one thing besides meat, that is hard for me to store with no refrigeration. I have doubts about my broccoli coming so I would like to have some in storage to add to casseroles and soups. I don't believe it is great as a freeze dried vegetable, not anywhere near fresh tasting. Though some of their other vegetables were, such as green beans, corn and carrots. Three more cans added to this list or more than one of some of the items will give me two cases of six cans. Their shipping rates are very reasonable and low based on the amount spent but not more than $12.00.

 Green bean plant

I know I will have plenty of green and wax beans to can as they always do well for me. I have been already getting plenty of lettuce and a few other little items. Now that we have gotten some rain in the last two days, I expect to see much more activity in the raised beds. Going to add some more stuff little by little. I always add more seeds and plants through out the whole season and even in the fall.

Working in the garden is so peaceful!

If you have a garden and are planning your food supply, don't forget to figure in your garden harvest. Or if you purchase fresh produce through out the summer, be sure to plan on buying enough to can for the food storage supply. Many times you can get a good deal on some bulk buys of fresh produce locally. I am already planning on a few of them. What about you? Do you make a plan for your food storage?

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