Sunday, June 05, 2011

Projects We Are Working On This Week

Worked out here this morning.
This morning my husband and I spent outside working on our projects. He is rebuilding our stairs from the cellar to the pantry. So he was tearing the old ones out to put the new ones in. He is also changing the direction of the stairs so it will be easier for me.

The old cellar stairs are history now.
I did some laundry outside and then worked on getting some of the raised beds planted. I also started some seeds in containers. Every year I have some on the walls of the various raised beds. This year you can not have too much food growing. We will be canning most of our harvest for the winter.

Raised beds made of rock.
So I worked as much as my knees could take and then the mosquitoes started coming around. So I figured it was time to go in. Tomorrow I will get some more seeds in. Putting in a little more each day. I mix together radish seeds, a couple varieties with carrot seeds and plant them any place I can stick them in. By planting them together you can always tell where the carrot is going to come up by the radishes which come in usually very quickly.

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All Photographs Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
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