Friday, July 01, 2011

Cool Wet Summer This Year

 Our forest is lush and green with all our rain!

Summer this year is kind of like 2009's year of "no summer." It has been a pretty cool summer. In fact, this morning when I got up it was 42 degrees. On the first of July, that is a tad cool for NY! So my garden isn't growing as fast as usual. But unlike 2009, I think I will get a pretty good harvest. It just needs some warm temperatures and sunshine. We have had more than enough rain.

 A visitor to my deck yesterday, posed for a picture!

Some of my squash, pumpkin and cucumber seeds did not come up. I planted them directly in the garden from seed and did not have much luck. Who knows, too much rain could have rotted the seeds. Or they could still come up if we get some warmer temperatures. So I started some more in the house and will transplant them into the garden tomorrow.

 Summer day at Peaceful Forest Homestead!

If you have to plant later than usual, that does not mean it is too late for your garden. I know people who always say it is too late to get their garden planted. not! Many times I replant areas of my garden after the crops that were there stopped producing. Or if a crop didn't take off after a certain amount of time. I replant that area. Many people plant a winter garden....yes, even here in NY state! So don't give up so easily. Get something in your garden. It is food!

Have a great homesteading day!

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