Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plant Growing In Our Compost Pile

 Compost Pile

I was pretty excited earlier in the season to discover a squash or pumpkin plant growing in our compost pile. Now I am even more excited because it looks like it could be a zucchini or a yellow squash. I am still not positive yet but will know before long.

Full of blossoms! 

Today I checked it out and it is doing great. It is loaded with blossoms and have a few vegetables coming. Mmmm! I can taste that Zucchini Lasagna right now! Remember the one I cooked on the outside campfire in this post, Zucchini Lasagna Recipe? This year I am planning on trying some new squash recipes.

 Thick stems!

I have a few summer squash plants growing in the other raised beds. At first they didn't do so good. Now they are doing better. But they are no way near the size of this plant. Just look at the size of the stem! I hope the birds and wild critters out here don't touch it. Never know what will strike their fancy.


The funny thing is that this plant is growing in the compost pile that we consider not ready to use yet. I have a three year plan that we use in the compost pile but this one is the one we are adding to presently. I guess the seeds were ready to start and the compost pile provided the perfect environment.

 Baby squash!

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